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I would never say “hurry up” to you…

6 Aug

…unless you’re Daytrotter.  Then, to be honest, I’ve been thinking it for a while.  The moment Arlen Peiffer, drummer for Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps, told me the band was going to a Daytrotter session, I’ve been waiting impatiently for it to go up on the site.  FINALLY it has!  You can listen to & download four beautiful acoustic tracks for free!

I must admit that I’ve gotten some of my all-time favorite tracks from Daytrotter, and they do a fine job.  Also, everything is free!  If you like acoustic music, you should definitely check out the site.  All of the following mp3s are courtesy of Daytrotter, but you can download the rest of Minneapolis’ own Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps by clicking HERE.

Fair warning though: Allow plenty of time if you are a first-timer.   You’ll need at least a few hours and an absorbent towel to catch all the drool.

Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps  Tying My Shoes
White Rabbits  Sea of Rum
Elvis Perkins  While You Were Sleeping
Bon Iver  Re: Stacks
Basia Bulat  The Pilgriming Vine
Delta Spirit Trashcan

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