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Picking Up Crumbs: Northern Howl

5 Aug

3764646154_802eac81cb_bTake a young band of indie-folkie nomads and some older musicians looking for a new challenge and what do you get? Northern Howl the band and Rest + Noise the record label. Rest + Noise is the project of The Wars of 1812‘s Bobby Maher and Barnes & Noble co-manager Ryan Potts and they signed Northern Howl after seeing the young guns playing house parties. They brought Wars’ Kenyon Rosewall on to produce and finesse the band and the result is All That’s Under The Night’s Sky, a sprawling concept record about camping, the woods and young love. The disc is subtle enough in it’s simplicity to amount to more than the sum of it’s parts, with each member of the 7-person collective adding texture to ostensible frontman Paul Erling’s poetic chops. Check out the band profile for City Pages online here, or if you’re feeling nostalgic for a more tactile and innocent age, you can check it out in print this week.

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