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Picking Up Crumbs: Fringe Picks

30 Jul

i-love-fringeThe 16th Annual Fringe Festival opened tonight, and so the time has come to see lots of strange theater in a very condensed period of time. So condensed, in fact, that everybody offers up opinions as to what to see and help the poor lost soul trying to get from the Gremlin Theater in St. Paul to Intermedia Arts in South Minneapolis in 30 minutes during rush hour. It’s just silly. There are better ways to plan. So everyone offers up their pick, including me in this article for The Onion. Yes, lots of shows and I didn’t even pick my own (ethics, or some such palaver.) But you should see that one. It’s called Love Me or Die! and I stand by that. You should also check out the shows that I picked for The Onion, otherwise I wouldn’t have picked them. Even if you don’t go to a fringe show, though, you can catch a whole bunch of cool action at the Bedlam Theatre which acts as Fringe Central and will be serving food until 2 am these next 11 days. God bless you pierogis!

I will also post the first two comments on the AVClub website because a) they provide good information and b) that’s about the median for humor at the Fringe. Without further ado:

Preview Fringe Shows

Posted By Gary Elfert
Trying to decide which Fringe show to attend? You can view 60-second trailers online at for over 30 of the Fringe shows.

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RE:Preview Fringe Shows
Posted By I Am A Truck Driver
what’s a 60-second trailer?
As a trucker, i measure trailers in feet. Mine’s 40 ft.


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