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Haterade: Weezer

28 Jul

“I don’t know if Weezer hates its fans or just the (apparently) stifling concept of sincerity, but you should listen to these two new songs if you weren’t already convinced of Weezer’s contempt for music.” -Carrie Brownstein
Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney takes a big swing at Rivers Cuomo and co. on her Monitor Mix blog for NPR, and a well deserved one too. What started with ironic disconnect, funny young angst and silly fun on the Blue Album and sharpened on Pinkerton (who doesn’t love screaming along to to “El Scorcho” as a desperate pick-me-up?) the rest of it just doesn’t hold up. Weezer should have ended in the 90s. Please, Doc Brown, do something about this. Can’t you send Marty McFly in to steal Cuomo’s synthesizers? Maybe convince him that a gig teaching modern lit at a Ventura County Community College is a perfectly noble and sincere calling?

Apparently not. Just for the pure pain of it, here is a brief litany of sins committed since the turn of the millenium. Although “Island in the Sun” had some sweeter undertones to it’s pop escapism, you knew you couldn’t take “Hash Pipe” seriously, and the Green Album as a whole was an empty effort. Then Maladroit, then “Beverly Hills”. “Beverly Hills” was a shark jumper, complete with old man trying to get in touch with the “kids”, the irony of riches, a flaunting endeavor of Warholian bombast. Which is the best kind of mass production of culture to traffic in, because it sells. And it’s the best reason I can think of for the Harvard-educated, ostensibly talented Rivers Cuomo to engage in such blithering vacuity. It’s the only reason I can think of to justify “Pork and Beans.” It’s sure as hell the only reason for the middle-aged Cuomo to cover MGMT’s “Kids”, like the desperate flailings of a shallow man in a shallow pool. So yeah, “I’m Your Daddy” and “The Girl Got Hot”. New tracks from Weezer. Thanks.

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