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Pitchfork Festival Sunday Tweecap

20 Jul

Japandroids at the Pitchfork Music Festival

Japandroids at the Pitchfork Music Festival

Once again, here are select Twitterverse pluckings to try and cover all those things that went down in Union Park this weekend. All in all, great music, great weather and not as many mullets as expected, but plenty of great facial hair. Look for a recap at AV Twin Cities soon!


catiyas Michael Columbia are a 3-man meatgrinder of Huey Lewis, Yes & an alternate soundtrack to Liquid Sky.

catiyas Yeah Big! join Mae Shi for crowd jumping karaoke chanting As My Body Lay Dying, complete with robot dance.

CakeIn15 Frightened Rabbit’s mix isn’t perfect, but they are def good enough to make it work. Lyrically they are phenomenal

CakeIn15 Blitzen Trapper are putting on rock set that is terrific if you are an Allmans fan, but not massively varied.

CakeIn15 Killer Whales are shirtless & rockin’ a calypso vibe. The guy standing in front of me is dressed like a banana.

TheCultureBully Left Blitzen Trapper-might just give up on them as live band-Watching Killer Whales-strange calypso rock-Waiting for Women

CakeIn15 The bass mix is a lot better for Pharoahe Monch than for DOOM, & he is a lot more entertaining to watch.

blodgett Pharoahe Monch drew me over from across the park. Not only are they the only black people here, they’re really good at music too.

blodgett If folks playing hipster bingo is on my hipster bingo card, BINGO!

CakeIn15 The Thermals covering Green Day “Basket Case”. That’s about it, isn’t it? Look for their political albums in 15 years.

CakeIn15 It seems like everyone has one Walkmen song that they really like, and that has functioned well enough to sustain them.

blodgett The Walkmen also dress very well, impressively balancing on that tenuous line between junior executive and rock yr face off

fullyaltered DJ/rupture tore it up on Balance Stage. Crowd went nuts! So did VIPs

CakeIn15 Japandroids killing #pitchforkfestival, Chicagoland debut. This year it’s all about Canada, folks.

BaronVonKeup If I didn’t know better I would say japandroids were signed to early 90’s sub-pop

mar_isa Guy in dick chaney mask makin out with bumble bee

GenevieveKoski Vivian Girls: bust. bummer. like em on record, but can’t handle the whining live. Bailing for M83 and ice cream.

webvomit M83 is in the middle of the best set I’ve seen all weekend. Also, I still want to murder anyone who brought a chair.

TheCultureBully M83 in the day’s first real sunshine is just so right. I’ve only seen them in dark clubs and this is so much better

chexualhealing Guy jumped the fence, security chased. Guard knocked a chick over and stayed to argue, lettin guy get away. Security fail.

MinorLabelDebut Grizzly Bear playing a “Greatest Hits” set, which is ok with everyone here. “The Knife” now.

roguepanda Hey grizzly bear. your band makes me want to nap

TheCultureBully I’m sure there is plenty of sound bleed over at the GB set from this enormously loud Mew set

CakeIn15 This Mew closer is a long build, synth-laden and symphonic, and really quite gorgeous. Good sun-setting music.

fullyaltered The Very Best w/ Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit way more interesting than The Flaming Lips. They’ve got heart, soul & da beat!

nu_plan Would have been happy to pay for entire weekend to see The Very Best’s set. Perfect end to #pitchfork

halfacanyon I like Wayne claiming they always play ‘what the fans want’, then play two songs they either haven’t played since 1999 or ever.

DrPepperDDS Weird. Flaming Lips crowd was more hazardous than Jesus Lizard. Musta been all the acne medication and teen spirit.

steadierfooting Flaming Lips live, outdoors, with a view of the Sears Tower…amazing. Ended with “Do You Realize,” had me in tears.

bmcclain Don’t you realize this was a great weekend??

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