Pitchfork Festival Saturday Tweecap

18 Jul

Beirut at the Pitchfork Music Festival

Beirut at the Pitchfork Music Festival

Searching the Twitterverse and bringing you some from us, some from friends, some from strangers we can get behind. Now to get refreshed for Sunday!


CakeIn15 Cymbals Eat Guitars draw a decent crowd and they’re living up to the buzz. Joseph D’Agustino plays a wicked guitar.

solace Still hard to believe the main dude from Cymbals Eat Guitars is only 20 (well he looks it I suppose, but still)

quartertonality That was a great, noisy, energetic set by Disappears.

CakeIn15 Wasn’t terribly impressed by Duchess & Duke’s lo-fi skiffle country at the Entry, still not.

solace Plants & Animals sounding great. Unfortunate that their last Mpls show at the Entry a few years ago had like 25 ppl there

CakeIn15 Plants & Animals cop Talking Heads feel on “Mercy” and it’s working for them.

solace I don’t care for Fucked Up’s music, but damn they’re amusing live.

TheCultureBully Seeing Pink Eye wear a beach ball on his head during Fucked Up’s set one of the definite highlights of the #pitchforkfestival so far.

AccidentalWI Lessons learned from #pitchfork: if you’re an ugly m-effer start a hardcore band. See jesus lizard; fucked up

CakeIn15 The Antlers are the anti-Fucked Up. Melody & harmony over Rhodes, crash and guitars. No eating beachballs here.

VenusZine Esser Braveface rented a plane to fly around #pitchfork with a banner. He wins the irony prize of the day.

catiyas Pains of Being Pure at Heart have their bass waaay up, muffling the vox and most everything else.

alexgaterud “This is a new song about being really high.” – WOW! HOW UNIQUE! Thanks, Pains, u r so kewl I would die w/o u. I’m a curmudgeon.

catiyas Bowerbirds get a big reception, and the laid back folk is a calming compliment to the overcast sky.

CakeIn15 Definitely looking fwd to Bowerbirds @firstavenue after their set at #pitchforkfestival. Final Fantasy next!

catiyas Final Fantasy starts layering in, @EdwardDroste comes up the side staircase…

solace Nice! Kelly Pratt from Beirut/Arcade Fire guesting with Final Fabtasy on trumpet.

CakeIn15 Final Fantasy is beautiful, but I sort of miss the projections Owen brought with him to the Entry.

catiyas Ponytail are some distant yelping, wailing and pounding as we wait in line for food, and I am ok with that.

joshacagan The lead singer of Ponytail sounds like Daryl Hannah pronouncing her mermaid name in “Splash.”

joshmodell The yeasayer dude cut his hair? Now 70% less hippie!

CakeIn15 Yay! Yeasayer just played Tightrope – my fav song from the Dark Was the Night album. Sighs…

steveheisler Yeasayer putting on a hell of a live show. Really high energy. Dude playing drum machine bare handed. They just saluted the sun

Wac4 What a shocker! Wavves is late going on stage.

desnoise “all right, you guys wanna hear about barcelona? SIKE!!!” #wavves

caseybrown How is Wavvves? Vocals sound like a kid trapped in a deep well. There is voice but it is unintelligible.

rigbysam Not a lot of djs/dance acts. I guess it just proves: hipsters don’t dance, they just tighten their pants and dont do the rockaway

steveheisler Are they saying Doom, or Doom-urns?

CakeIn15 With so many great live hip hop acts, why is standing in front of your DJ still acceptable?

TheCultureBully Doom just ok at #pitchforkfestival now locking down a good spot for BEIRUT. Can’t wait.

amsoell Working up a really good contact high.

davidwolinsky Kids from 826 writing center just interviewed Lindstrom. He prefers Prince to Michael Jackson. Topical!

AccidentalWI The insane bass from this lindstrom set may be the most action I’ve gotten in months

quartertonality Lindstrom = lamestrom

quartertonality Someone crowd surfed to Beirut. Now they are doing a cover of Hawk and a Hacksaw

CakeIn15 Dear Matt & Kim, We love you and hope you kick ass here. But Zach Condon and his band of wonder have buried us.

CakeIn15 Crowd giggles everytime they show Beirut’s drummer on screen, he is so smiley and wholesome looking.

mrcrothers Matt and Kim were great! Good job! How are you so happy all the fucking time!?

VenusZine kim just said she want to sing low like beyonce: “rub your vagina on the floor low”

rarestock How to tell it’s gonna b a kickass show: smash guitar during 1st song. Thank You in advance Black Lips.

tynansanger The Black Lips rock just as hard without spewing bodily fluids

solace The National basically played the same setlist as @Firstavenue on Thur minus Racing Like A Pro. But tonights show gets a slight edge overall

thechris104 Rain during Yeasayer! The National cement themselves as one of the best live bands today. Ready for Sunday’s epic lineup.

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