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Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA

9 Jul

While watching a Cirque du Soleil show, it’s sometimes difficult to detach to a point of reflection – Cirque is the stage version of an action movie where lots of stuff blows up and there are a few obligatory “romance” scenes to hold your senses at bay and let you recover in order to send you down the next weird camera angle with vehicle debris flying at it.  

Because it’s such a visceral experience, it proves a difficult subject to review.  Much in the way you can’t really review a sporting event (“They sucked tonight.”), the show is the show.  I think it’s fair to say if you enjoy circus, you’ll like KOOZA.  

The basic story-line (thin at first, barely there in the second act) follows an “Innocent” (read, child, or in this case, very small man; one of many very small performers featured in Cirque shows) as he flies his kite unsuccessfully.  A package is dropped off and when he opens it, the Trickster erupts with a flash and smoke, and off we go.

Suffice to say, the acrobatics are stunning and occasionally seem truly death-defying – some to the point of having to fight the urge to look away.

And yes – it is expensive, but if you have the money, it’s probably worth your money.  And if you need some help, follow this link to win tickets to the show (just for giving them your email address, fair trade I’d say) or go here to take advantage of a 30% discounted offer to select shows.  

KOOZA is extended through August 9th, with shows every day except Mondays.  

Tickets range from $50-$125.  Go to for tickets and times.

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