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Picking Up Crumbs: Cage Interview

6 Jul

cage_depart_from_me_album_coverIn advance of his Wednesday show at the Triple Rock Social club and tomorrow’s release of Depart From Me, his third full-length, I caught up with New York based rapper Cage. Cage is an evolution in rap, a guy who went from some hardcore drug use to public battling with Eminem to making dark emo-rap and being followed around by Shia LaBeouf. Seriously, the Transformers kid wants to play this guy. We didn’t get in to the drug use in the interview and we briefly touched on the Eminem feud (no interest in re-starting any beef) as well as applauding the death of the sampling era- going for live instrumentation “showed which producers could survive, who could be musicians after just looping their shit for years,” Cage declared. Despite the generally bleak outlook of his work, on the phone Cage (born Chris Palko) was personable, funny and effusive, proving that everything can change. Check out the full interview for Decider here.

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