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Shameless Self Promotion: Artery24

5 Jul

Artery24 is a performance festival that takes place over the course of 24 hours, a marathon of performative endurance. Starting at 6pm on Friday, July 24th and ending at 6pm Saturday, the event consumes the Soap Factory premises, from the galleries to the haunted basement to those rooms you can only see through a window. Last year there was mass dance, riffs on Caravaggio, giant puppets and I premiered A Piece Too Long To Write Down For The Deaf Man On The Train, an over-stimulated free-form monologue about travel, getting beat up and dying in Minneapolis and smoking in the rain. This year, I didn’t learn anything about shorter titles and will present When I Was Telling You All I Was Telling You I Was Telling You All I Was, a piece about revolutionary love, Beyonce, music from City on the Make and rum. Why rum? Because it’s at 3am in the Haunted basement and Che Guevara told me to give you all courage. So come, check out the amazing artists and stick around for the afterbar, because incredible things happen at the periphery of your vision. 986225

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