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Picking Up Crumbs: City On The Make Interview

2 Jul

2147052140_85a84cd907_oCity on the Make are about to drop Keep This on Fire, their second full-length record and the follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed $1,000,000 EP. If you haven’t already heard by now, you need to see this band. They are a monster live, they breath fire, they are acrobats and clowns, it’s a fucking three-ring circus and a big top inside Mike Massey’s head. The party is at the 400 Bar Bedlam Theater this Friday, 9pm, $10 $7 a head and no complaining. Pay the nice man at the door and let it all go.

In preparation, check out our interview with the CotM boys over at Decider. Andrea Swensson over at the City Pages also ran a nice interview with the boys, and they say different stuff about different things (but some of the same things). Check that out here. And if you still need some goddam convincing, stream the thing over at their website. That oughtta do it.

By the way, the interview was a beast in and of itself. Over an hour of tape and 10,000 words wrestled down to 700. I feel like I killed a bluefin to get at one piece of sushi. Here’s a little extra something that didn’t make it in:

cas: There is a lot more melodic work on Keep This On Fire too, especially in the vocals.

Mike Massey: Yeah and I feel that I’ve succeeded in that, but it’s not a centerpiece by any means. I wouldn’t consider myself much of a singer and that’s not self-deprecating, that just kinda wasn’t the point.

Colin Stumbras: I think this is the first record where we moved in that direction. Not that everything we’re gonna write from here on out is going to be super melodic or anything.

MM: Yeah, but if I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life, I gotta be doing more than just drinking whiskey and singing about that.

Go to the 400 Bedlam, drink the whiskey, roar into the night and get your sweet little rock and roll on.

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