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Picking Up Crumbs: White Rabbits

29 Jun


It’s no secret that Staciaann hearts White Rabbits. cas does too, and he jumped at the chance to interview them in advance of their show at the 400 Bar tonight. Their style has tightened up and become fiercer and sharper since Britt Daniel of Spoon took the helm for their sophomore disc. It’s Frightening a record that sounds like Dr. Strangelove looks, full of shadows, bright contrasts, absurdity and the ever-present paranoia. We caught up with one of two drummers Jamie Levinson a while back to talk about the process of making the record, change and that paranoia, but Decider left out our favorite part of the interview (copy editors are the enemies of beautiful language). So, Jamie Levinson on where White Rabbits stand: “Somewhere between bubble gum and black metal, that’s where you’ll find White Rabbits.”

Read the interview for Decider here.


Dear Current,

We here at CakeIn15 think you are really nifty. I mean, thanks for coming in and filling the void when the 105s went the way of corporate programming and for providing quality DJs a good home. There’s not much better then when Mark gets giddy about a band, or Mary’s joy for rock, or Barb’s excitability. Dave, Mac, Jill, Steve, Bill, you guys are aces. To all you cats and kittens not listed who work there, thanks. Thanks also for putting White Rabbits’ cut “Percussion Gun” into heavy rotation. That probably helps explain the sold-out, packed status of their show at the 400 Bar on Monday. We here at Cake had a blast, it was great to see White Rabbits again and we danced like rhythm moved us. But, Current DJs, if you could do us a favor and start slipping this in every once in a while, maybe subliminally layering it under tracks; “It is OK to dance. When rock hits you in the face, Minnesotans, you have to react. So dance a little already.” That would really be tops.

Thanks so much, and see you around,


Now here are some videos:

White Rabbits- The Plot- Minneapolis, 400 Bar 6/29/2009 from Stacy Cupcake on Vimeo.

White Rabbits- The Company I Keep- 400 Bar, Minneapolis 6/29/2009 from Stacy Cupcake on Vimeo.

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