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Picking Up Crumbs: Patrick Wolf at the Fine Line

16 Jun

3627608489_cb1a314e82_b“This is the hit that hasn’t happened,” Patrick Wolf giggled to the crowd as he introduced “Hard Times”. Not that there was much of a crowd to giggle to, the show was so undersold that promoters Mr. Chan Presents were literally offering up any number of list spots via Twitter the day before. That Patrick Wolf hasn’t broken huge is one of those musical injustices that fans feel entitled to gripe about; for all the critical acclaim, paying his dues opening Amy Winehouse’s last U.S. tour (“Things got interesting backstage,” Wolf quipped) and the determination of getting fans to fund his forthcoming The Bachelor record, you’d think there would be more swing behind him than the drafty Fine Line show would suggest.

But no matter, and Wolf didn’t let it get him down, thanking the Minneapolis crowd for being, well, a Minneapolis crowd- attentive, polite and excited. He said in interviews that he feels like he is a good place with his audiences and he made himself right at home with us. That you weren’t there just meant that we got more of the soaring tenor, the bombastic instrumentation, outlandish stories (Wolf’s ancestors were ferret-catchers, “the Ghostbusters of England,” jokes about heroin and how star signs are like church to drag queens) and delicate strings to ourselves. Next time, though, you really ought to be there. More thoughts and pictures at Decider.

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