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You can’t stop the (Cinema) Revolution

9 Jun

183Cinema Revolution is still alive. John Koch’s dream of supplying the Twin Cities with excellent independent, international and cult cinema has been through a number of different formats, but tenaciously holds on (insert Rocky, Giant or Umberto D comparison as appropriate). After having to shut down it’s physical rental space in April due to disagreements with the landlord (and having moved twice in three years) the project moved online to become the Cinema Revolution Society, a forum for reviews, essays and organizing events. One such event kicks off tonight with the first of a number of screenings over at Intermedia Arts focusing on emerging filmmakers. The full line-up:

Tues. June 9, 7:30 PM: “Long Gone” directed by David Eberhardt and Jack Cahill.
Tues. June 16, 7:30 PM: Short Film Showcase featuring “The Garden” by Ryan Philippi.
Tues. June 23, 7:30 PM: “Je Ne Sais Quoi” written and directed by John Koch.
Tues. June 30, 7:30 PM: “What America Needs” directed by Mark Wojahn.
Tues. July 7, 7:30 PM: “Trickery Mimicry” written and directed by Garrett D. Tiedemann.

Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Tickets: $5

Also, look for partners Take-Up Productions (producers of the Sound Unseen Film Festival and the Minneapolis Bicycle Film Festival) to begin a series of Buster Keaton films starting July 17th. With music from Dreamland Faces and at the Trylon Microcinema at 3258 Minnehaha Ave S, this should be classic summer fun.

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