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Jimmy Fallon Attempts to Instigate A “Saved By The Bell” Reunion

9 Jun

I used to think Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell was hot.  After seeing this clip, I don’t think ‘Zack Morris’ has aged at all.  It’s actually a bit disturbing to see Mark Paul Gosselaar come out from backstage. …and since it’s no longer 1989, he’s not all that hot anymore.  His rolled jeans, baggy t-shirt and unbuttoned overshirt, however, throw my brain right back into that time period.  It’s sort of off-putting, and sort of heartwarming.

Gosselaar/Morris’s new show “Raising the Bar” was terrible when I watched the preview last year, but maybe they’ve improved it.  I suppose as someone who used to watch Saved By The Bell every weekend, and as an attorney, I should check it out again.  As for a reunion of that old Saturday morning show – the acting was so terrible I’m not sure that’s a good idea.  It might be funny for about 2 minutes, but after that, just… sad?

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