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Closing in Minneapolis This Weekend

21 Mar



In further proof that my grasp of time is as tenuous as AIG’s grasp of economics, or, say, dignity, I swear that it was earlier this morning I was excited that Hardland/Heartland were opening their Our Starry Universe show at Art of This gallery.  That was FEBRUARY 28th?  No!  Shit.  Stupid busy winter getting in the way of doing the things I like.

Our Starry Universe closes Sunday, but you can still run over and catch it 1-5 today and tomorrow.  And you should- the HL/HL collective are uniquely frenetic, cluttered, wolf-teeth gnashing, substance fracturing, suturing, photoshopping dark terrorish mystic arts-and-crafters.  Their hive-like rate of production across media is impressive for the quantity, but also for the skill and modern themes teased out in their assemblages, performance remains and drawings, and the collective-run Art Of This gallery is a great venue and the darkly childish drawings of their co-presenter, California-based artist Monica Canilao, are sure to be a terrific complement.  Of course, if you were already able to get to the show, you would already know this.

Art Of This Gallery
3506 Nicollet Ave
Minnepolis, MN 55408

5-8 Wednesdays, 1-5 Weekends and by appointment

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