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Local Label Draw Fire Records Heads to CMJ

22 Oct

Cake In 15 took a few minutes for an e-interview with Holly Munoz, one of the head honchos of Minneapolis record label Draw Fire Records. Draw Fire has actually chartered a bus to take them to the CMJ (College Music Journal) festival in New York City, and we thought we’d ask them why before they headed out on their great adventure.

Cake In 15: What made you decide to start a record label?

Holly Munoz: I started Draw Fire as I were preparing to release Aviette’s debut album, Until We Hear From Dave. What started as a “Why not?” has become a resounding, “Um, yeah, this was such a great idea.”

Ci15: Who or what band was the first you signed?

HM: In chronological order, Aviette, Me and Kyle, The Glad Version, Stook!, Sam Keenan, Bill Mike Band, Adam Svec.

Ci15: How do you choose which bands to work with? How many are on your label now?

HM: A) We have to love the music and we would prefer to like the artists as people. Considering that the label is founded on cooperative principles, it is important that our artists share similar values. B) 7

Ci15: Where do you go to find new music or bands you may be interested in signing?

HM: Live shows. Suggestions from our bands. Demos.
(Ed. Note: Demos can be mailed to: Draw Fire Records, PO Box 65332, St. Paul, MN 55165)

Ci15: How do you balance running a label with your full time jobs and other responsibilities?

Coffee and brass balls.

Ci15: In your opinion, how important is it to attend music festivals like CMJ or SXSW for smaller labels?

HM: Very important. Independent artists are faced with more challenges than ever before (i.e., high gas prices, file sharing, etc.). It’s imperative that artists start working together to expand resources and come up with creative ways to promote and distribute their music.

Ci15: Why CMJ? (versus SXSW or another music festival) What do you hope to gain by participating?

HM: CMJ is the largest and industry event of its kind. It’s a great opportunity for our label to build its brand and for our artists to expand their audience.

Cake in 15 wishes all the musicians and hard working friends at Draw Fire a safe trip. Updates on their journey can be found on the HowWasTheShow blog here.

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