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Fleet Foxes at the Cedar Cultural Center

12 Oct

Fleet Foxes are a band that come along so rarely. My father and I can listen to the album together without either one wincing. For him, it brings back memories of The Kingston Trio or The Lettermen with the harmonies pouring forth from mouths. For me, it’s 360 degrees of amazing musicianship. A beautifully updated version of the past. It brings the word pastoral to mind not because of any subject matter the songs use, but more because I imagine myself in rolling hills shepherding sheep. Relaxing under the moon. Breathing life.

This band connects with many, as evidenced by the mixed crowd at the Cedar Cultural Center on a warm fall night. The two sold-out shows were hot, sweaty, and wonderful. Lead singer Robin Pecknold peppered the crowd with quips and queries. The audience members had no problem responding to some odd looks Pecknold would assume at various points throughout the evening. The entire band was not only musically stunning, but almost as equally entertaining. They interacted with each other well, playing off comments about the Rock the Vote bus parked outside (their “Straight Talk Express”). They wondered aloud why anyone would be happy with a “Joe six-pack” in the White House… “who wants to be called the lowest common denominator?” They giggled while talking about Pecknold removing his shirt to ease the profuse sweat pouring down his face. They discussed the brand name “Celestial Seasonings,” and joked about and with each other during their tenure on stage.

At one point during the show all band members save Pecknold left the stage. What occurred I can’t explain, but maybe can be shown by a sub par You Tube video. The sound, of course, isn’t the greatest, but it’s not bad. Maybe it will give you a hint of what the audience enjoyed.

After this short solo set, the band rejoined Pecknold on the stage. They glided through the songs on their self-titled album, and the crowd was blissfully silent. It was a show that left me happily floating, ready to go out into the cool air and home to a loved one.

Full Photo Set here.

Download mp3:
White Winter Hymnal

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