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Live blogging from MGMT / Beck at the Roy Wilkins

30 Sep

Well kids. There’s generally good news and bad news in every story. While MGMT were better tonight than the last time I saw them, it means little when most of the betterment comes from a big stage and light show that’s meant for headliner Beck. The show wasn’t as sloppy or annoying, but actually proved to be… well, boring. The guitar work still wasn’t anything to rave about, and their biggest “hit” Time to Pretend lacked any punch. The tune is still one of my favs to blast from my car radio while driving around with the windows down, but live it lacked the lustre even my car speakers add. It makes one a bit sick when there are better bands who provide gallons of entertainment, yet remain for the most part, unrecognized by the masses. Here’s hoping Beck is a better time.

8:40pm: Beck just started, opening with ‘Loser,’ and the crowd is finally pulsating. His stage setup is sparse, but the lights on stage are pretty sweet – like old Hollywood set lights. I have to admit this is better than I expected.

8:58pm: Timebomb! Nah nah nah nah!

9:05pm: The rest will probably have to wait until I’m home. Stupid phone battery! Also, the backdrop is pretty sweet – changing constantly, with photos in pixelated black and white.

9:31pm: Jed from Mpls is kicking tambourine ass and taking names. Hilarious!! Devil’s Haircut now!

9:53pm: Seriously?! Lost Cause followed by Where It’s At? Holy shit!!! I can die happy (well Beck-wise anyway).

10:00pm: Crowd going ballistic for an encore. Damn. Forgot my earplugs. I am going to be so deaf. It is the drummer’s (Scott) birthday and crowd is all singing Happy Birthday. There’s a cake on the drumset. Beck points to Scott and says “Now play!” Cute.

10:08pm: Beck thanks MGMT for opening. Starts playing one of their songs, but “I can’t sing that high.” hee

10:58pm: Home! Good show. Beck did well and made it all enjoyable. It wasn’t the best show I’ve been to, but it was decent entertainment for a Tuesday night. Woot!

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