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Eight is Enough: The Concert to End Our Long, National Nightmare

29 Aug

Barack Obama said it in his speech accepting the nomination Thursday night- “We love this country too much to let the next four years look like the last eight.” Right he is, and that was the sentiment of Andrew Broder of Fog and Joe Selinski of The Dad in Common when they heard the Republican were coming to town. Instead of sitting on their haunches and bitching about it, they got the Turf Club to donate space and a whole raft of their friends to come down and play a show to support the Democratic nominee Barack Obama. Proceeds at the door and all sales of the posters whipped up by Burlesque of North America went to the campaign, and judging by the crowd there, it was a success. Broder said that it gave him “a warm feeling” to see all these people out.

Cake in 15 was there freelancing for and you can read that at It’s a little truncated for space and our miniscule attention spans, but you get the picture- the bill was packed, the room was full in waves and all in all, we got rowdy in the name of freedom and change. Cake in 15 doesn’t want to tell you how to vote, but consider Chris Besinger of STNNNG‘s quote, given to you in it’s entirety- “You’ve never seen a Republican man rock like this. Except Ted Nugent. And his rhythm section are pussies.”

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