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MAEP Gallery: Chaos Quelled, Terror Moves in

25 Aug

The Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program (MAEP) Gallery at the MIA was recently the center of public outcry and a PR storm. The resignation of long-time coordinator Stewart Turnquist and re-organization of the curatorial structure under new director Kaywin Feldman created a worry that the independence of the gallery was under threat, profiled in a series of articles by the Star Tribune’s Mary Abbe. Things seem to have quieted down as Feldman has promised the continued independence of the MAEP program and the new director of exhibitions and programs, Elizabeth Armstrong, comes highly regarded and with local connections, having done a stint at the Walker Art Center back in the 90s.

Throughout all this brou-ha-ha, the MAEP Gallery has stayed open and continued to show off some of the best work being created in the state. Opening this week in the MAEP Gallery are two shows, “Unconventional Wisdom” and “MILLIONS OF INNOCENT ACCIDENTS”.

Show details after the jump!.

“Unconventional Wisdom” features prints by Ruthann Godollei and Mike Elko. Elko and Godollei combine their different printmaking styles with a good dose of tongue in cheek text revolving around the war in Iraq and 9/11. Whereas Godollei’s work is in traditional print styles with little selections of text, Elko’s broad-sheets recall the pulpy literature of paranoia that graced the newsstands in the 1950s. With these lenses of nostalgia and style, expect a few good chuckles, and some sights for better times.

With Hardland/Heartland‘s “MILLIONS OF INNOCENT ACCIDENTS” I can’t tell you what to expect. What I can tell you is that it will be unexpected, beautiful, exactly produced, tender, vicious and hilarious. HL/HL is the working moniker of 3 artists, recent MCAD grads Eric Timothy Carlson, Crystal Quinn and Aaron Anderson. In line with the surrealist Exquisite Corpse games, they pass their work between themselves and each have a hand in production, resulting in chaotic collages of animal parys, graffiti-like cartoons, tiny detailed drawings and large scale wall works. The kids have been showing around town and across the area and with their communal working pattern, find a way to get back to one of those golden threads of art: escape. In times like these, release away from the ordinary seems often the best way to repudiate it.

Images via Hardland/Heartland.

Opening: Thursday, August 28, 7pm
Gallery Talk with Hardland/Heartland: Thursday, September 11, 7pm
Gallery Talk with Mike Elko and Ruthann Godollei: Thursday, September 25, 7pm
Critics’ Trialogue with Anne Klefstad: Thursday, October 2, 7pm
Closes October 26. All events free and open to the public.

MIA Press release here.

(Full Disclosure: This blogger works at the MIA in their Visitor and Member Services.)

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