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Storyhill Plays Patio Nights at the Minnesota Museum of American Art

24 Aug

I know what you’re thinking. “We have a Minnesota Museum of American Art? Where’s that?” “St. Paul” is the answer you desire, and you’ll find the MMAA has more to offer than you might expect. For the past five summers the patio at the museum has opened itself to a wide variety of local acts, ranging from STNNNG to Mark Mallman to Storyhill. I was lucky enough to enjoy the Storyhill show from the confines of the museums “cafeteria,” as Minnesota decided to bestow a bit of rain on its concert goers.

Once upon a time Storyhill was known as Chris and Johnny. This was the early 1990s and the boys were extremely popular on the college circuit as an acoustic duo. The music evolved and outlasted various geographical moves from each of the men, and finally they became Storyhill. The lush vocal melodies and precise guitar arrangements have created a rock solid fan base for the band. The crowd at the MMAA hooted and hollered for more, bringing the boys back up for more than one encore.

Alas, I am not a writer and lack the words to convey the emotional lift one experiences at such a show, and so I leave you with photos taken in an extremely dark cafeteria at the MMAA on a rainy August night.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

You can listen to the album via the band’s label here.
Check out more about the Minnesota Museum of American Art here.

Set list after the jump

Set List

Weave Your Way
What Was Wrong
Well of Sorrow
Full Circle
Better Angels
Happy Man
White Roses
Give Up the Ghost
Joe Snow
Hard Wind
Great Divide
Good Rain

(These may not be in exact order/100% correct, as they were taken from Storyhill’s actual set list… and I know they played “If I Could” at the end too)

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