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Jackpot o’rama

15 Aug

On a daily basis I receive numerous emails about music. One of these emails is a compilation of news headlines from “The Daily Chord” – a newsletter for the SXSW Music Festival. Today’s headline from Wired magazine is about Cliff Bolling. Now, I realize you’ve probably never heard of Mr. Bolling. I hadn’t either, but I’m sure glad I know him now.

Bolling has amassed a huge collection of vinyl 78s and has set about on a mission to create mp3s of all of this music. It’s a vast collection, thousands of songs deep. “A lot of younger people go to the site, and it’s amazing that they hear songs today that originally were recorded 75 years ago. It’s pretty cool that people get to listen to this stuff.”

All the mp3s are free and you can find them HERE.

You can read the entire Wired article HERE.

Props to Mr. Bolling. Now go listen to something from 1940, will ya?

A Kiss To Build a Dream On – Louis Armstrong
Bo Weevil – Teresa Brewer
When the Saints go Marchin’ In – Castle Jazz Band

Above is a photo of Teresa Brewer.

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