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You Love Stook!

23 Oct

It’s ok to admit it, because it’s a universal sentiment. You love Stook!, don’t you? Stook! broke his way into your heart with the sing-along-ability of “A Song is More Than Just a Song” off his first release “The Soundtrack to My Minneapolis.” He weaseled his way into your subconscious with his threats to sing AC/DC repeatedly at the Hootenanny if you didn’t shut your pie hole… and that yellow hat, oh the yellow hat. Seriously tell me, how can you not love Stook!?

Lucky for all you Stook! lovers out there, Stook! has a new album out called “When The Needle Hits The Wax.” It’s a combination of good old school folk rock mixed with a country twang. It’s a solid album and a good follow up to the first album, which you can’t say of every band. Standout tracks like “Hennepin Avenue,” “Diggin’ On You,” and “How Long We Gonna Dance?” make this one helluva enjoyable trip. Stook! sings from the heart and you can’t have a Stook! album without a few heart wrenching lyrics. “Seasonal Affective Disorder” is one song I think everyone who lives in the land of winter can identify with, while “Sound of Lies” chronicles the situation some people seem to find themselves in when dealing with members of the opposite sex. Overall it’s an enjoyable album and it’s spun through my CD player more than a few times in the short time I’ve had it.

Stook!’s official CD release is slated for Friday, October 26th at the Varsity Theater. It’s a joint CD release with Minneapolis favorite Dan Israel and promises to be a ton of fun. Come early and bring your friends!

Download mp3s from Stook!’s first album:
When It All Comes Crashing Down
Deliverance From Your Eyes

Buy the new album :

Stook!’s myspace for more information

Stook! on Minneapoliscast talking about the CD release & a live performance

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