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Oh Brandi

18 Oct

Brandi Carlile is one talented woman, no doubt about it. It really doesn’t matter if you like country, rock or pop, because you’ll get a little bit of those and everything in-between. Carlile also packs a powerful punch of a voice in a tiny little body. She can wail (in a good way) like few singers I’ve seen. Her whole heart is out there for her audience, and it translates into hordes of screaming, singing, and weeping fans.

It also translates into a quickly sold out show at First Avenue tonight. Tickets bascially don’t exist and I’ve heard more than one person begging anyone they can for entry to the show (including me). Carlile seems to be more underground than her rabid following would indicate, and I’m sure that those fans hold onto that like a closely guarded secret… while at the same time internally exploding for want to spread her music like wildfire to everyone.

You can hear streams of Carlile’s most recent album “The Story” on her site at: She’s also recently released a very cool acoustic EP that you can find supposedly at any indie record store. I’ll have to pick one up tonight if they have any, or hit up the Electric Fetus soon.

Stream Brandi’s May 2007 Concert in Boston
The Story mp3

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