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An Unintentional Accident

31 Aug

So they’ve been around the Twin Cities scene for a while, so much so that they rarely play anymore, but how the hell did I miss Accident Clearinghouse? They slipped past my ears for far too long, and it’s about time I remedy that. I also need to redeem myself by allowing these sweet alt-country boys to regale you with old-timey rock-tinged tunage.

I think you’ll find your toes tappin’ along even if you don’t usually like this sort of thing. Believe me when I tell you that you will be singing along to these catchy lyrics in no time. Every person I know can relate to “That’s The Way It Had To Go,” in which lead Quillan Roe sings about someone he’s currently obsessing over. She likes him too, but unfortunately, she’s already taken. I was on you, like a vulture in the sky, hovering, waiting for your love to die. We were lovebirds, but our love could never fly. That’s the way it had to go.

As I write this note, I see that Accident Clearinghouse is performing at Lee’s Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis tonight. There are no other dates on their calendar, but keep your eyes peeled for future performances. If their recorded music is any indication, they are well worth seeing.

Download mp3s:
That’s The Way It Had To Go
She’ll Take Your Name
Pink, Not Blue
If I Said You Were A Nurse
Flamin’ Hair

UPDATE (9/3/07): Accident Clearinghouse will be playing the Revival Show on September 16th at the Turf Club… Let’s Go!

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