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The Long Winters…

11 Jun

A few months ago a friend made me a mix CD which included the song “Teaspoon” by The Long Winters. It was instantly one of my favorites on the mix and I’ve since begun picking through some of their older albums, finding them quite delightful.

The Long Winters hail from that grunge-tastic city of Seattle, Washington. Their sound, however, will leave you thinking of more sunny skies. They’ve been compared to R.E.M., but I find their sound to be a bit more fresh and poppy, but maybe that’s just because R.E.M. has been around so long. This is no “Shiny Happy People.” In fact, lead singer/songwriter John Roderick explained his music in this way, “I’m just writing songs for the people who are missing somebody, or are angry at somebody, or who otherwise might take issue with someone telling them that love is a precious flower that only needs a little water and a little sun.” I believe that pretty much says it all.

Link to Download ZIP file which includes the songs: Pushover, Stupid, Blue Diamonds, Carparts, and Scent of a Lime:
The Long Winters ZIP file

More information on The Long Winters:
Official website
The Long Winters MySpace

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