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6 Jun

Honestly, can you ever not enjoy a band with dual drummers? Especially when they share a bass drum? ROCK! Start your feet a-tappin’ boys and girls. We All Have Hooks for Hands is in the house.

We All Have Hooks for Hands is a fairly new discovery for me, but I have to say they are already one my favorite bands to watch. There are times when I’ve been watching a band on stage and they are so into their own goodness, that they are unable to convey that feeling to an audience. This creates audience apathy, and it can be really sad. There’s just no spark. Other times, I’m bored because the band is bored. You can just tell they’re not enjoying themselves and it makes the whole experience of attending a live show disheartening.

Thank god that this never happens with We All Have Hooks for Hands! Besides the fact that they have a great band name, WAHHH is one of those bands that from the get go pull you into their world of kick-ass grooves. To be totally old school, they really “kick out the jams.”

The only bad part about WAHHH is the fact that they live in South Dakota. That means less shows for me, and that’s something I’m very unhappy about. The nine musicians (violin, 3 guitars, 2 trumpet/key players, 1 bassists and 2 drummers) rock any stage’s face off, creating an experience that you won’t soon forget… in fact, you’ll walk out asking yourself when they play next. The poppy music reminds me a little of Bishop Allen with a hint of The Shins and a touch of Apples in Stereo. Regardless, it’s a party, and you’re invited.

So when do they play next? Well, in Minneapolis we have to wait until July 24, when they hit the 7th Street Entry with labelmates Mouthful of Bees.

Download mp3:
Hold On, C’mon

For more information, check out:
WAHHH’s MySpace
Afternoon Records

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