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Hustle It Baby

6 Jun

Because I missed a day, I’m posting twice today. Like it.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what would happen if the Beastie Boys or Aerosmith kicked it ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?’ style?” Well, even if you haven’t, you’re about to find out.

A Night in the Box is another band I was introduced to at the Afternoon Records Anniversary Party this year. They trio played a few old-timey folk songs acoustically in-between sets at the party, but they really kicked into high gear and knocked me out when they went on for their full set. I didn’t expect too much except for maybe a nice nap. Hey, I’d been at the Varsity since 3pm so cut me some slack. I was assuming it’d be me, getting too comfy in a chair, starting some head bobs. Instead I got slapped upside the head and told to hustle it on over to the stage.

…and hustle I did, for these 3 guys made me stand up, shut up, and pay attention. It’s rock and roll mixed with back-porch folk tossed in the air and infused with old school rap. That’s a hard-to-find balance, but A Night in the Box pulls it off well. Their newest album, The Hustle, The Prayer, the Thief is a bit ridiculous. It’s an album for those times when you don’t know what you want to listen to. But it’s gotta be uplifing, then completely insane, then plummet you back to earth and throw you onto the chain gang, where you can sing along with your fellow prisoners. If that sounds like a good time, well then you’ve just found your new favorite band.

Download mp3:
The Thief

For more information please check out:
A Night in the Box MySpace

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