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31 May

This is a band I ran across while perusing eMusic. Yeah, yeah, no flack please for using eMusic. I find that with 40 downloads at 25 cents each I am ok with downloading a song a I think I like, rather than I know I like. I’ve actually gotten a few great bootleggish-type songs from there as well. So shut it.

But back to brakesbrakesbrakes. The band is made up of Marc Beatty, Alex White, Eamon Hamilton and Tom White. I’m adding these boys to my ever-growing list of bands from the UK I can’t get enough of. They actually are just called “Brakes” in the UK, but because there was already a US band with that name they had to switch it up a little for those of us on this side of the pond. I’m ok with that as I just like to say it. Try it… brakesbrakesbrakes… It also reflects their music, which at times reminds me of a pop punk band with non-threatening Tourettes, stuttering about with their ridiculous accents. Sometimes you find a band and it seems as if they could be Americans… the accents have magically disappeared! In this case their vernacular is peppered with what you’ve come to expect from stereotypical English pop punk bands. So far, the track “Hold Me In the River” is my recommended starter track, although I am also enjoying “Cease and Desist.”

If you like their music enough to think you may want to check them out live, you are in luck. brakesbrakesbrakes hit the 400 Bar in Minneapolis on June 9.

To preview the entire album, click here: Preview album

Hold Me In the River

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